End of line


The GOLDSYSTEM end-of-line consists of a series of automatic machines suitable for different packaging needs.
The range is comprehensive and offers carton formers, centering/ cadencing machines, sealers with both self-adhesive tape and glue, hybrid sealers for inclusion in packaging lines where there is a need to alternate between sealing batches of boxes with hot glue or self-adhesive tape, and both idle and motorized roller conveyors.

Once the goods leave the production line, they are often packed in cardboard boxes for later storage or to be sent directly to shipping and then to the final customer.Automation of this phase generates greater efficiency, with ‘optimization of time and costs, as well as to the realization of a professionally done packaging.

The range of offerings is broad and includes complete end-of-line, differentiated according to box size and production cadence, up to the study of ad hoc solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding customer.
We live in a hyper-connected world where you need to have everything under control.Choosing to offer industry 4.0 technology on our machines was the way forward to ensure customer reliability and high added value.

The top of the line is the end of the line GOLDSYSTEM 4.0 Ready, perfectly integrated within a line and network with which it is able to exchange information, sending to it production data, downtime and other parameters that collected and analyzed, can be used to optimize the production process and make it “leaner.” Machine safety together with constant data monitoring ensure that the line efficiency is at the highest level.

Again, the line can be customized according to the customer’s needs and according to the specific product.


Key features


  • Efficient and reliable
  • Designed and built following CE regulations
  • Easily integrated into existing end lines
  • Intuitive in use

Goldsystem 4.0 Ready


The ideal solution for accurately forming and sealing American boxes in automated lines. Thanks to 4.0 technology, information exchange with other machines on the packaging line will be immediate and seamless, enabling monitoring, management and optimization of productivity, time and flow.

Goldsystem 56L tape


Forming and taping boxes inline has never been easier. Combining our machines and integrating them with handling, filling, palletization systems and weighing and coding devices results in an ‘effective packaging line.

Goldsystem HM


To safeguard the contents of boxes from tampering, it is useful to seal with hot glue. In addition, on large batches, savings can be achieved in terms of consumables. Our end of the line consisting of forming and sealing machines fits easily into a line where other packaging machines may already be present. Ability to also handle production batches that may require alternating hot glue and self-adhesive tape sealing using our hybrid machines. Possibility of combining the two types of sealing.

Goldsystem 56L Inox


Dedicated to the food industry: one forming and two sealing machines to form and close the bottom and top flaps of boxes, with the option of adding the AISI 304 stainless steel cadencer, roller tracks and stretchers, for a turnkey solution.

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